How we work


We are able to work in two ways:

1. we either manage the whole project:

  • The project begins with a feasibility study, be it technical, economic, financial, legal or tax which then allows our clients to make the decision to implement the PV system and therefore provide an overall study for bank assessment,
  • During the design phase, Solafin' creates the electrical design and drawings of the PV system, the CCTP and the consulting file for the firms,
  • During the construction phase, Solafin' coordinates the providers, monitors the ongoing work and supplies assistance throughout the installation provided by ERDF,
  • Once the project is completed, Solafin' organizes the maintenance and the monitoring of the results of the PV.

2. or we work on a specific need in carrying out:

  • A feasibility study that is purely technical or techno-economic,
  • The administrative procedures of your photovoltaic generator,
  • The electrical design of the photovoltaic generator.