Photovoltaic & electrical design


A key step is the design of the photovoltaic generator. A correctly sized generator can optimize the investment of our customers in terms of performance, security, maintainability and audibility. Our job is to correctly fit the inverters, cables and DC and AC protections. It is highly important to correctly wire the photovoltaic modules between them, especially when there is shade apparent on the photovoltaic field. photovoltaic design
photovoltaic design

SOLAFIN is the clients’ freelance designer who produces the design of photovoltaic generators.

A professional design can produce a photovoltaic generator:

  • which will be optimized and efficient
  • which will be activated and validated by the control office
  • which will meet up to the standards
  • designed by a company with specialized insurance
  • which will be auditable and maintainable. et performant