Helping you with the development of the project


During the preparation of the project SOLAFIN' helps the client to mount the photovoltaic project by coordinating all the project stakeholders:

  • General Organization of the Project (Definition of the principles of the stakeholders general organization, definition of the information system),
  • Coordination of different stakeholders on site (Project managers, ERDF, Control Office),
  • The organization of the design phase (Establishing the general organization of studies, choice of category - the study structure office, the geotechnical office...-, Distribution of tasks),
  • The plan of action during the design phase (Establishing the basic schedule, Monitoring the compliance schedule, Animating the coordination meetings)
  • Organization of shares during the Production Phase (Establishing the general organization of studies, Choice of speaker, distribution of tasks, control of key dates, delivery of the final product),
  • Planning for Implementation Phase (Study of the impact on the proposed alternatives program, control of key dates, delivery of the product),
  • Organization and planning of the putting into action of the final product,
  • Organization and implementation for the planning for the maintenance of the photovoltaic generator.