Our view

At the heart of tomorrows challenges

Energy has become a real strategic challenge due to the increase in primary energy demand, dwindling fossil fuels and fissile and global warming. In this context, Solafin aims to contribute to the diversification of energy sources. By doing this, it will contribute to the increased production of renewable energy.

The social and environmental commitments

Solafins economic policy is part of a sustainable development approach. Solafin is continually seeking to define a coherent balance and viable long-term relationship between economic, social and environmental aspects.

Solafin is a totally independent company. It is not bound to any manufacturer or supplier. Its customers have the freedom to choose their providers. However, Solafin can offer partners from its ecosystem throughout all stages of the solar project.

The price of each offer is transparent. Solafin 'does not take any commission on the supplying of the equipment, or on the services offered.

Solafin’s employees attempt to minimize travel by making maximum use of teleworking solutions (teleconferences, videoconferences). When traveling, they emphasize on less polluting transport modes (public transport) and / or use of vehicles with low greenhouse gas emitters (including hybrids).
Solafin limits its paper publications by only producing a brochure presenting the company’s activities and the printing of the employees and collaborators business cards. 100% recycled paper is mainly used and bearing the initials FSC and / or PEFC (SFM).

Solafin does not consider the lowest bidder, when purchasing but tries to use reusable products bearing in mind a long term vision.

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