Our partners


Solafin is an independent consulting firm that has developed a network of partners who may be called upon as and when the occasion arises depending on the needs of the project.

- Manufacturers of electrical and photovoltaic materials are chosen for their specificity. It is primarily the study of technical and economic feasibility that can select the solution best suited to your project.

- The installers are companies who either possess all the skills in the art of photovoltaïcien (roofer, a DC and AC electrician) or traditional roofers; Solafin is responsible for the electrical side of the project.

- Over a certain level of investment, the owners must refer to specific funders. Solafin directs owners to organizations who would be more adapted to the size of their project.

- If the project requires it, we work with specialized consulting and architectural firms (BE mechanical, geotechnical, electrical HTA, ...).